crowdfunding after the mudslide

A mudslide in Freetown washed away an entire settlement in the early morning hours of August 14, 2017, at a hillside of Mount Sugar Loaf after heavy rain.

MudslidePicture: The mudslide at Regent Village in Freetown, Sierra Leone. © CC Wolf

Hundreds of people lost their lives, and hundreds more lost their homes and loved ones. There was a constant sound of ambulance sirens across Freetown in the days after the tragic event, which brought back memories of the ebola crisis of 2014. Why again Sierra Leone? But the mudslide was not made by higher forces, as some wanted to believe. Climate change, lack of settlement planning, and deforestation caused or at least contributing to the event.

In Regent Village, where the mudslide had occurred, I realized how little is needed to provide immediate help (e.g. bring food, blankets, clothes, and mattresses). My colleague and I started to collect donations a day after the mudslide. We asked people in Regent what they needed most, bought the items, and handed them over. Currently, we are collecting donations via crowdfunding (together with our British partner) to provide long-term assistance, and hopefully, we will be able to give some money for new homes.

Thanks to all who are donating on

Author: Claudia

journalist | traveller

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